Victory is a Defined Term

In business and commercial litigation, victory is a defined term. In other words, you need to have an expectation of where you need to be and how to get there before you take the first step. No one would spend $200,000 in attorney fees on a claim that is worth at most $50,000. Yet that is what many businesses do if they take a “top-heavy” approach to litigation without defining their goals in advance.

At the law firm of McNamara & Horowitz LLP in New York City, our business and commercial clients want their legal cases resolved professionally, quickly, economically, and as successfully as possible. We believe that the best way to do this is by paying attention to the details early in the litigation. At McNamara & Horowitz, we are dedicated to learning our clients business and products, which we believe is the best way to provide effective representation.

One detail that many law firms overlook is retaining the best experts before the other side has a chance to do so. Sometimes we retain multiple experts to gain more opinions to bolster your case, depending upon the facts and exposure. We believe it essential to evaluate each case early in litigation and to form our team early. We can provide access to some of the best experts in their respective fields.

It all comes down to details. Our lawyers handle a broad range of legal areas, including commercial litigation, real estate and commercial leasing, insurance litigation, insurance defense, products liability defense, and securities arbitration.

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