Product Liability

Understanding the Realm of the Possible

Everyone loves to exaggerate. It’s a simple fact of human nature that we as product liability defense lawyers like to use to our clients’ advantage. When a plaintiff exaggerates in a personal injury lawsuit, we believe that our chance of winning the case increases substantially.

At the law firm of McNamara & Horowitz in New York City, we understand that every product has things that it can do and things that it cannot do. The realm of the possible and the realm of the impossible are determined by the product design. When someone claims that your product did something that it cannot do, that detail can be the straw that breaks the back of the plaintiffs’ case.

For more than 50 years, our lawyers have represented insurance companies and self-insured businesses in a wide range of product liability defense claims, including:

  • Elevator and escalator injuries
  • Automotive products liability
  • Fire alarm claims
  • Fire extinguisher claims
  • Fire suppression equipment claims
  • Security system claims
  • Remote access systems claims
  • Other types of product defect claims

When we defend a client in a product liability claim, our attorneys will take the time to understand everything about your product so we will understand the realm of the possible and the realm of the impossible when it comes to product liability defense claims.

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